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Dec 23, 2017 14:16

Cryptocurrency stocks holding gains despite bitcoin pullback

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Dec 23, 2017 14:11

Gold ends higher after mixed economic data

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Dec 23, 2017 14:00

Bitcoin Plummets More Than 30 Percent in Less Than a Day

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Что такое пассивный доход и зачем его создавать?

2018-01-19 13:31:29
Пассивный доход  — это приток средств, который не зависит от ежедневных усилий человека.  Пассивный заработок  – это получение денег на постоянной основе без ежедневных трудовых...
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Куда лучше вложить деньги и для чего все это?

2018-01-19 13:28:52
Вас устраивает средний достаток и не менее средний уровень жизни как у большинства «рядовых» людей? Если вы читаете эту страницу, то скорее всего – нет. У людей, которые привыкли...
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Что такое ICO криптовалюты и как на этом...

2018-01-19 13:25:46
ICO, или Initial Coin Offering, подразумевает первичную продажу монет в целях инвестирования в новый проект и сбора средств разработчиками для дальнейшего развития. Разновидность...
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Стоит ли покупать BAIKAL GIANT-B!?

2018-01-19 13:23:17
Щепетильный момент, не правда ли!? Особенно с тем учетом, что я уже продал вам все BAIKAL GIANT-B! И в партию на январь уже влезть ни как не получится! В даном посте поразмышляем о...
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Bitmain — убийца конкурентов!

2018-01-19 13:19:24
Ажиотаж по Baikal Giant даже и не думает спадать, все больше и больше народу интересуются покупкой этого чудо аппарата, их даже не смущает цена, странно что все лавры почему-то...
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Биткоин кошельки. Как хранить биткоины?

2017-10-26 18:32:50
Физически биткоинов нет, это просто запись в базе данных блокчейн, которая надежно защищена от изменений и доступна кому-либо. В этой базе существуют идентификаторы, известные как...
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Как выгоднее купить биткоин? Биржи и обменники

2017-10-26 18:30:53
Как купить биткоин или выгодно его продать, чем отличаются такие сервисы по обмену биткоинов, как биржи и обменники, и, самое главное, на что обращать внимание, если вы используете...
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Trading history

In this section every day we provide transparent reporting from MT4 trading terminal with profit after the end of the trading session for acquaintance with the history of intraday trading on one of our accounts. Using the analysis of the stating, the trader can give an assessment of his activities and trade efficiency. For a trader, a statement is proof of the effectiveness of its activity, often traders present this document to other traders as a record of their activities.

To enlarge the picture, click on the desired slide, and you can also share the reports in social networks using the built-in crosposing tool.  

A statement is an official detailed report on trading activity in the Forex market generated by a trading terminal. An account statement is a document that contains data on transactions with a trader's account: income, expenditure transactions, the balance on the deposit. Information on transactions is presented in the form of the time of their conduct and the amount. If the statement is a bank document (a solid document), it contains a more detailed description of the transactions and can contain information about who was transferred to the funds or from whom they came to the account of the trader.

In addition to the history of trading operations, the following indicators are included:

  • Gross Profit – total profit of positive transactions;;
  • Gross Loss – total loss of negative transactions;
  • Total Net Profit – difference between total profit and total loss;
  • Profit Factor – a profitability indicator showing the ratio of Gross Profit to Gross Loss. The value of Profit Factor from 2 to 5 is a sign of successful trade;
  • Expected Payoff – mathematical expectation of profit;
  • Absolute Drawdown – so-called «drawdown», showing how much the initial balance has decreased;
  • Maximal Drawdown – the maximum fixed loss, expressed in monetary units, in relation to the initial balance sheet;
  • Total Trades – The indicator that displays the number of closed deals;
  • Short Positions (won%) – number of short transactions completed, in brackets– percentage of profitable;
  • Long Positions (won%) – number of perfect long trades, in brackets – percentage of profitable;
  • Profit Trades (% of total) – the number and percentage of positive transactions;
  • Loss Trades (% of total) – the number and percentage of negative transactions;
  • Largest Profit Trade – bargain with maximum profit;
  • Largest Loss Trade – bargain with the maximum loss;
  • Average Profit Trade – the indicator expressing the average profit on transactions (Gross Profit\Profit Trades);
  • Average Loss Trade – the indicator expressing the average loss on transactions (Gross Loss\Loss Trades);
  • Maximum Consecutive Wins ($) – the longest sequence of positive transactions (in brackets – total profit of the sequence);
  • Maximum Consecutive Losses ($) – the longest sequence of negative transactions (in brackets – total loss of the sequence);
  • Maximal Consecutive Profit (count) – The maximum profit in the longest sequence of positive transactions (in brackets – number of transactions in the sequence);
  • Maximal Consecutive Loss (count) — maximum loss in the longest sequence of negative transactions (in brackets – number of transactions in the sequence);
  • Average Consecutive Wins – mean value of a series of positive deals;
  • Average Consecutive Wins – the average value of a series of negative transactions.

Tariff plans  Calculate the possible profit


0.9% per day

accruals every day

min 10 $ - max 250 $

Amount of payment

7 days



1.1% per day

accruals every day

min 251 $ - max 500 $

Amount of payment

28 days



4% per day

accruals every day

min 501 $ - max 5000 $

Amount of payment

42 days


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Bully-bears offers all its customers:

  • insurance contract
  • loyalty program
  • accounts in national currencies
  • accounts in national currencies
  • competitions and promotions
  • profitability up to 68%

Become a Partner

The main condition for obtaining a partner reward is active invitations to the program of new participants who would invest funds as referrals of the Client. In this case, the Client will receive 6% of the investment amount of partners of the 1st level, 2% of the 2nd level, 1% of the third level. In this case, the Client does not need to have his own deposit in the program. Referral link you will receive after registration in your account. Advertising materials in the form of banners of various sizes can also be found in the personal account in the section "affiliate program".

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